Bidding at auction in Canberra?

Who's on your side? 

Real Estate Agents 
Work Exclusively For Sellers!

The agent handling the sale works for and gets paid by the seller, that is the agent's fiduciary responsibility.

Who's working for you?


Who's on your side?

Let Frank Walmsley auctioneer and auction strategist help you with your Canberra based auction property. 

Interested in a property that's going to auction in canberra? How Auction Advantage can help.


pre-auction offer's

If you want to be coached and supported while you handled the pre-auction offers directly, or if you wish to Frank to work directly with the owner/agent.

A pre-auction offer handled correctly can be a show stopper. High volume agents focusing on turnover can be some of the best agents to implement a pre-auction-offer strategy with

Bidder coaching 

There are about 25 active auctioneers in Canberra. Each auctioneer has their unique style and idiosyncrasies. Understanding how they take bids, negotiate and their approach to auctions can potentially save buyers tens of thousands.

Often the last bid can be the difference between paying an extra $500 bucks and $10,000! 

Negotiate auction terms before auction 

Please consider this:  Agents have 90% influence over pre-auction negotiations yet generally only get paid 2% of the sale price.  

Unlike pre-auction offers this process is about getting your preferred terms in place! 

Do you think an expert trained in auction negotiation can ensure your preferred terms are set before auction? 

Bid, buy and complete the contract

We define your objectives before the auction, and we will turn up and bid/negotiate and implement the best auction processes.

In the event the property gets passed in we will manage post-auction negotiations.

We will ensure that the auction contract is complete in alignment with your objectives and safeguard inclusions, settlement dates and deposits. 

Key Auction Data Canberra 2019

Understanding the number of bidder registrations, types of properties that sell at auction and those of that sell pre and post auction can make a significant difference when implementing an auction plan! 

Zero - One  Bidders

ZERO or ONE registered bidders

Sold at Auction

ACT Clearance Rate 

Sold Before Auction

Sold Pre-Auction

Get Your Planning Assessment Report Now!

Working with the team from Canberra Granny Flat Builders and Fixed Price Extensions, we can provide you with a detailed Planning Assessment Report. Canberra only.

This detailed report will outline, zoning, setbacks and easements and assist in knowing what is possible on your block.  

What customers are saying:

He gave excellent, timely advice and didn’t let the vendors take advantage of us - no matter how hard they tried!!

We recently tried to purchase a property in Canberra while living in Adelaide. We stumbled upon Frank and we are so lucky that we did! In a process that was otherwise incredibly messy, overly complicated and challenging, Frank provided total clarity and consistent good humour!

Frank absolutely loves what he does, and it shows. I felt at all stages that Frank was our coach, cheerleader, advocate and representative. Our calls were ALWAYS answered, he gave excellent, timely advice and didn’t let the vendors take advantage of us - no matter how hard they tried!!

I would recommend Frank to absolutely anyone thinking of going to auction. It’s a tough game and gosh he’s a star player!

Even though we weren’t able to secure the property, Frank’s support reassured us that we had won on the day, walking away at the right time and sticking to our values (and the banks valuations!).

Thanks again Frank, you’re a legend!

Beth and Matt

Not only did Frank give us his expertise advice, he walked us through the process and checked in every step of the way...

We approached Frank for support and advice when buying a property in North Canberra. Frank took time out of his weekend to spend time with us to go through the process of what we needed to do to secure our dream home.

Not only did Frank give us his expertise advice, he walked us through the process and checked in every step of the way. We needed to move quickly on the sale and didn't have a solicitor organised, so, Frank contacted one of his well known solicitors, who called us into his office on a Sunday to sign contracts.

Frank facilitated the whole process of the sale. Frank was succinct in providing information, caring in regards to our needs and wants, and treated us with respect and professionalism as new home buyers.

I cannot highly recommend Frank and his services enough.

When we are ready to buy again, Frank will be our first call.

Frank provided the most incredible, comprehensive and knowledgeable support for us as a buyer agent and bidder.

The process of going to auction can be extremely stressful but Frank’s knowledge of the industry, the market and his personal ethics and commitment to transparency left us feeling not only comfortable but confident.

Franks commitment to his clients goes far beyond what we expected and reflects the care he takes in providing advice and developing and executing a strategy.

Beth and Matt Adelaide, Buying in Wright, Canberra
Abbey Kennedy Flynn, Canberra
EMMA & DAVE Pre Auction Buyer - Turner Canberra

Insights into Canberra auctions.

  • When there are three or more registered bidders, statistically, more than 15 bids will be made. The most common bid is $10,000.
  • Most contracts offer 30-day settlement terms and this generally a default date encouraged by the agent. Why, you ask? Because agents get paid on SETTLEMENT.
    There are two principal effective strategies to amend the settlement to your preferred settlement terms. We can discuss when we have our pre-auction discussion.
  • Dealing with unapproved structures is a significant headache and dilemma for prospective buyers. Many additions are exempt from development approval, and retrospective building approval can be obtained.
    However, some special conditions regarding approvals may not be the best solution!

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What Agents have to say about Frank Walmsley

We have seen a shift in buyers behaviours, they are comfortable and understanding through what is a very stressful transaction...

Not unlike a Rugby team, preparation is key and having strategy in place well before the Auction is where Frank and Auction Advantage can help.

Having worked with Frank on both sides of the Auction process I can attest to their professionalism and tactical skill.

For our business, since Auction Advantage has come on board as our Auctioneers we have seen our clearance rate at Auction increase dramatically, but more importantly we have seen a shift in buyers behaviours, they are comfortable and understanding through what is a very stressful transaction.

I can highly recommend Frank and his team, it is amazing what a professional approach can bring to the Auction process with good tactics in place.

Frank is also an excellent negotiator and has achieved many sales at auction, or shortly thereafter that I had not considered possible...

Frank Walmsley, the principal of Auction Advantage. Frank has been calling my residential real estate auctions for three years, with a success rate of over 90 per cent.

Frank has introduced a range of innovative practices and services, many of which are focused on maximising the sale conversion and prices for my clients. Frank is extremely personal and ‘goes the extra mile’ in liaising with me and my clients in preparation for the auction and closing out sales.

He is always willing to attend vendor meetings to explain the auction process and our strategies, to keep vendors fully informed and put their mind at ease to the extent possible.

Frank is also an excellent negotiator and has achieved many sales at auction, or shortly thereafter that I had not considered possible. Frank has displayed integrity at all times, and has provided successful, comprehensive, high quality, and cost effective solutions in connection with the conduct of my residential real estate auctions.

GEORGE SOUTHWELL Ray White Rural Canberra
SANDY MORRIS Principal One Agency Sandy Morris

The Best Canberra Agents

to Buy From

Seller agents generally have 90% influence over the negotiations when you are buying residential, yet generally, only receive 2% of the sale price. It is in this significant outlier, anomaly and outright beneficial equation you can capitalise on.

But it starts with knowing who are the best agents to buy from, and what properties to target.  If you find the right agent and right property you can save 5-7% on the sale price.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't receive the level of service and professionalism by me, that you expect,  just let me know and ill send you a prompt refund.

Frank Walmsley  Janaury  2020 

Frequently Asked Questions About Auctions in Canberra

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​What can we do if we are buying as joint tenants and require the contract to be in both of our names, but one of us will be away on the auction date?​​​​

​Does the agent need to let us know if the vendor decides to sell before the auction date?​​​​

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​Can you buy residential properties with unapproved structures in Canberra?​​​​

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​What is the minimum length of time you can run an auction campaign for in Canberra?​​​​

​What rights and exclusivity do we have if we are the highest bidder and the property gets passed in?​​​​

​What are the forms of ID required to register at auction in Canberra?​​​​

​​If we want to include a special condition in the contract, how could we do that?​​​​

​​The auction contract provided by the agency allows a 30 day settlement period. This is too short for us, can we change the proposed settlement period?​​​​

​​In Canberra what is the process if we want to buy a residential property before the auction date?​​​​

​​​How does telephone or remote bidding work?​​​​

​​​​If items or inclusions that we thought were included have not been mentioned in the contract, what do you we do?​​​​

​​​​​Buying property under the Land Rent Scheme at auction?​​​​

What we offer


Get free expert advice about Canberra auction stratgety .


  • Call 7 days 7am - 11pm
  • Free suburb Price Guide from  
  • Answer your critical questions about auctions - Canberra only
  • Referral to expert service providers - Building and planning experts ect
  •  Free Airbnb income predictor report 
Pre-Auction Offers 

Canberra help coach you in executing a pre-auction offer.


inc GST

  • Call 7 Days - face to face meeting in the city  
  • Handle the negotiations directly with agent or owner 
  • Contract Review Before the Auction
  • Free Free Airbnb income predictor and Price Finder Report
  • Post auction  exchange assistance and referrals
  •  Free Planning Assessment Report - What you can legally build

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  Winston Churchill

My whole professional life has been built on helping people through negotiations.

As a cadet real estate agent in my 20's and professional negotiator industrial office...

I spent my 30's as a business sales expert while plying my trade as an auctioneer.

You, like most buyers, probably dislike auctions and the property market is capitalism at its best or worst - depending on your world view!

Here is a question. Why should you pay more and agree to terms that are not favourable, when that money in your pocket could do so much good in the world?

Frank Walmsley Auctioneer and Auction Strategist 

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