Online Auction registration faqs

What is the best increment to use when bidding?

What are the standard methods used to pay the exchange deposit in Canberra?

Should we bid if we are the only registered buyers?

What do we do if we are the only bidders at the auction?

Can we use a deposit bond at auction in Canberra?

What can we do if we are buying as joint tenants and require the contract to be in both of our names, but one of us will be away on the auction date?

Does the agent need to let us know if the vendor decides to sell before the auction date?

When is stamp duty payable if we buy at auction?

Can you buy residential properties with unapproved structures in Canberra?

Can I withdraw my bid after the auctioneer has taken it?

Can the auctioneer refuse our bid?

What is the minimum length of time you can run an auction campaign for in Canberra?

What rights and exclusivity do we have if we are the highest bidder and the property gets passed in?

What are the forms of ID required to register at auction in Canberra?

If we want to include a special condition in the contract, how could we do that?

The auction contract provided by the agency allows a 30 day settlement period. This is too short for us, can we change the proposed settlement period?

In Canberra what is the process if we want to buy a residential property before the auction date?

How does telephone or remote bidding work?

If items or inclusions that we thought were included have not been mentioned in the contract, what do you we do?

Buying property under the Land Rent Scheme at auction?

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